Feature: Cree Storm’s Poseidon



Twelve Labors

Hunter has never liked pompous, overbearing men, and that was Poseidon. When Hunter is told he is Poseidon’s mate he refuses to have anything to do with the God of Atlantis. Fearful of Hera and Aries’ wrath, Hunter is taken to Atlantis, where Poseidon must convince Hunter he is not the man Hunter thinks he is before it’s too late.

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Feature: Mackenzie Williams’ Tame Me

Tame Me


The Orchard

Master Cole is paired with Samantha and soon realizes that she will be a bit more work than other subs at the BDSM club. Is she worth the extra time and aggravation?  Master Cole decides he must push Samantha, emotionally, to make her a good fit for himself and The Orchard. His plan works but maybe too well.

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Feature: Skye Michaels’ Melodie’s Song

Melodie's Song

Melodie's SongMELODIE’S SONG
The Black Dahlia Hotel Three

Two years ago gallery owner, Melodie Buxton, was attacked and stabbed outside her art gallery in the Tribeca section of lower Manhattan. When she awoke in the hospital with a knife wound on her face, she vaguely remembered the dark presence that held her barely conscious body and attempted to stop the bleeding. After she left the hospital she was unable to find out his name.

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Feature: Andrew Jericho’s Drag Show Games

Drag Show Games

Drag Show Games[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HEA]

In an entertainment routine called Drag Show, Vince becomes Violet Whispers. Vince is a gay man, who not only craves cross-dressing, but it gives him sexual pleasure to see Violet staring back in a mirror. Even more satisfying is being in the arms of a man while in drag. Derek fulfills those fantasies.

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Small Self Revelation


I have some thoughts that have been building up that I would like to share.  Which is hard for me. However, to connect with fellow readers and authors I feel there is something that I need to share. Something weighing me down.

It was my birthday on the first. I ended up doing something fun, but up until the last moment I didn’t know what to do with it and that got me thinking.

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